Porsche Plans to Build Electric Car


German car manufacturer Porsche is planning to build a fast electric car by the end of the decade. The car, called "Mission E"  will be able to recharge within 15 minutes and travel at speeds even  faster than Porsche's own 911 sports car.  The 600 - horsepower vehicle will be able to drive for about 500 km without being recharged.

Porsche, which belongs to the VW group, will build the new car near Stuttgart, where a new plant will be built. Development and research is expected to cost over a billion euros. More than a thousand new jobs will be created.  With this bold decision Porsche has announced that its future lies in new technology, as well as alternative and green energy.

VW's decision comes at a time when the company is in deep trouble because of its cheating over emission statistics. It also wants to keep up with  Telsa, an American company that is currently the leader in green car technology. Electric cars still have a large potential in North America and Europe, where they make up only one percent of the total car sales.





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  • announce = to say something officially
  • billion = a thousand million
  • bold= here: not afraid
  • cheat = to act in a way that is not honest; to lie about things
  • currently = at the moment
  • decade = ten years
  • deep = a lot of
  • development = working on a new product
  • emission = dangerous gases that are sent into the air
  • horsepower = a unit for measuring the power of an  engine
  • keep up with = to be on the same level; to be as good as
  • manufacturer = maker, builder of cars
  • plant = factory
  • potential = here: the possibility of selling more and more cars
  • recharge = load the batteries
  • research = the study of something so that you can find out new facts about it
  • sales = the selling of a product
  • speed = how fast something is
  • vehicle = here: car