London's New Buses Run on Hydrogen


London’s famous red buses are going green. The city has introduced eight buses that are powered by hydrogen. The vehicles have fuel cells, batteries that produce electricity and emit only water vapor.

The new buses have cost the London city council over $ 30 million. There is one fuel station in the city where the buses can be recharged. By introducing these new buses, London plans to reduce its carbon footprint as the 2012 Olympics approach.

If the project is successful there are even plans of turning London’s famous taxis into green vehicles as well.



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  • ambitious = here: a bigger plan
  • approach = get nearer
  • benefit = something good
  • carbon footprint = the greenhouse gas emissions that come from a country, organization or person
  • charge = electricity that is put into a battery
  • city council = the government of the city
  • combustion engine = an engine that produces power by burning petrol or gas
  • compressed = packed together
  • effective = successful, work as it should
  • emit = produce, release
  • entirely = totally
  • fleet = here: group of buses that belong to one company
  • fuel cell = an object that combines oxygen and hydrogen to produce electricity that you can store
  • hybrid = here: buses that have two different engines
  • hydrogen = colorless gas , that forms water when combined with oxygen; it also burns
  • iconic = famous
  • in addition = also
  • infrastructure = here: everything needed to make them run
  • inject = press in
  • investment = to use money to get something started
  • long-term = after many years
  • metropolis = big city
  • pollute = to make something dirty
  • prove = show themselves
  • reduce = to make smaller
  • roll out = produce
  • scale = level
  • similar = alike, the same
  • vehicle = a machine with an engine that takes people from one place to another
  • water vapor = gas that forms when you heat water