Green Energy for Denmark

Denmark is one of the greenest countries in Europe when it comes to the environment. The Scandinavian country hopes to produce 50% of its energy from wind power by 2020. By the middle of the century Denmark hopes to power all of its transport through green energy.  The Green Lighthouse is the first building in Denmark that uses only alternative and renewable energy .Throughout Denmark low energy homes are being built. They use rain water to wash clothes and flush the toilet.





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  • aim = here: to have a high target that you want to reach
  • approach = comes near to
  • carbon dioxide = gas produced when animals or people breathe out  or when carbon is burned in the air
  • construction = building
  • emit =release, sent out
  • energy-efficient = in a way that saves energy
  • environment = the world around us
  • fabric conditioner = a liquid that you put on clothes when washing to make them softer
  • flush = wash away
  • green energy = energy that comes from renewable sources
  • inhabit = a place where people live
  • inspire = motivate
  • low energy home = a house that needs only little energy for heating and lighting
  • produce = products
  • public = for everyone to see
  • raise = to go up
  • renewable = to be used over and over again
  • source = here: energy
  • sustainable = to be able to continue without causing damage to our environment
  • well = a deep hole in the ground from which people take water
  • wholesale = the business of selling products to shops and resellers in large amounts at lower prices