Islamic Travelers in Search of Muslim-Friendly Hotels


There are about 1.8 billion Muslims around the world today. By the year 2025 they will make up about a third of the world’s population.

Today more and more Muslims, especially wealthy ones, travel to other countries. When they do they look for a lifestyle that respects their religion. Western countries are starting to reach out to Muslim travelers and offer them what they have at home.

Especially Muslim-friendly hotels are what Islamic travelers are looking for. Such hotels offer travelers halal - food that Muslims are allowed to eat. Rooms have signs that show the way to Mecca, dining areas are free of alcohol and there are separate spas or swimming areas for men and women.

As more and more Muslims discover travelling, they are also ready to spend more money in order to live the way they do at home. Up to now, mostly Islamic countries have reacted to this trend but more and more Western countries are giving Muslim travelers what they need. In contrast to other people Muslims tend to travel in larger groups, stay longer and spend more. Western tourism cannot afford to ignore them.

Malaysia is the leading country when it comes to offering Muslim-friendly facilities. The country itself has a Muslim population of 60%. Many hotels offer separate prayer rooms for Muslims, some do not serve any alcohol at all, and there are even those that offer special meals during the Ramadan period. Not surprisingly such hotels attract Muslims from all over the world.



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  • attract = are interesting to
  • dining area = places where you can eat
  • discover = here: start liking
  • especially = above all, mostly
  • facilities = room, services and other things you need when you are on holidays
  • ignore = not care about
  • leading = number one
  • not surprisingly = it is not a surprise
  • offer = provide , give
  • Ramadan = the ninth month of the Muslim year during which they are not allowed to eat or drink anything during the daytime
  • reach out to = attract
  • respect = not break a rule or law
  • sign = an object that gives you information about something
  • spa = place where you go to in order to relax or become healthier
  • tend to =  something that happens more and more often
  • wealthy = rich