Skiing resorts offer more alternatives and pleasure


As skiing becomes increasingly expensive and, in some cases, exhausting for many people on holidays, skiing resorts are offering more and more other activities for those who want change or are not active skiers. Skiing holidays today include relaxing in spas, going on nature walks or just enjoying good food and wine.

Skiing holidays have changed over the years. While skiers in the past often raced up and down the slopes for six hours or more, the amount of time spent on the slopes has actually gone down by half. Tourists don’t want to endure the hard physical activity of skiing the whole day, but want to enjoy themselves. They want change and different things to do.


While most men still prefer skiing as long as they can, women and their teenage daughters often go to spas, enjoy an afternoon cup of coffee or just lie in the sun. Skiing resorts are reacting to this new trend. Some have ice rinks, others offer afternoon movie shows or discos for young people. More and more people are coming to these places to get new energy for their everyday life. They want to recharge their batteries and not simply ski down the slopes all day long.


Hotels that have spas and wellness areas can fill their rooms more easily than others, even though they are more expensive. More and more tourists are also shortening their visits. Instead of coming to a resort for a week they take a short break of three or four days.



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  • activity = things to do in your free time
  • actually = in fact, really
  • break = holiday
  • endure = to go on doing something difficult
  • exhausting = something that makes you tired
  • ice rink = man-made area on which you can ice skate
  • include = also have
  • increasingly = more and more
  • instead of = in something’s place
  • physical = about the body
  • race = to go as fast as you can
  • recharge = renew, refresh
  • relax = rest
  • resort = place where you go on holiday
  • slope = the side of a mountain
  • spa = place where the water has special minerals in it and where people go to improve their health and get better