Yotel - Tiny Hotel Rooms in the Middle of Manhattan


A  radically  new hotel has opened in the middle of New York. YOTEL, a British  hotel chain , offers travelers great comfort and luxurious style at a small price. How can this be? They just pack as many rooms as they can into a futuristic hotel building.

The first so-called capsule hotel opened a short distance from Times Square, in the middle of Manhattan.  A 12 square meter room offers all the comfort of a suite and is priced at about a hundred dollars a night. This is considered  a bargain  if you take a look at other hotels in downtown New York.


The idea of capsule hotels comes from Japan, where the first such hotel opened in 1979. Although  rooms are much smaller than in New York they offer people a night’s sleep or a place to stay at the last minute.

The first Yotel was opened at London’s Gatwick airport in 2007. It became an immediate success . The company’s bosses thought that opening such a low-price hotel in the middle of Manhattan would be a win-win situation . Normal prices for a hotel room that offers  the same luxury  as Yotel’s begin at about $400.

The Yotel tower in New York has 669 rooms. Even though they are quite small visitors never get that feeling, partly because the rooms offer large windows. The bed is automatically pulled back to stand against the wall during the daytime. The hotel offers other luxuries too: a movie theatre,  Wi-Fi connections , futuristic  lounges and the largest roof bar of New York.

Whether or not Yotel will change the hotel industry is hard to say. But the largest hotel to be built in Manhattan since 2002 will definitely be a gain for New York’s tourist industry.



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  • although   = while
  • bargain   = something that is cheaper than the normal price
  • capsule   = something very small
  • comfort   = things that make your life easier
  • considered   = thought to be
  • definitely   = absolutely, surely
  • distance   = space from one location to another
  • futuristic   = modern and with a new design
  • gain   = positive aspect, advantage
  • hotel chain   = group of hotels in different places that look the same
  • immediate   = at once
  • lounge   = a public room or waiting room at an airport or in a hotel
  • luxurious   = very expensive and beautiful
  • luxury   = comfort
  • offer   = give
  • pack   = put, place
  • radically   = completely, totally
  • suc c ess = when you get or you achieve what you have wanted to
  • Wi-Fi connection   = Internet connections via wireless LAN
  • win-win situation   = a situation in which everyone profits