Internet Gives us More Ways to Watch Television


Some time ago most of us watched television in an  old-fashioned way. The whole family got together, sat on a couch, flipped through the channels and watched a   prime time  TV show or a football game. Today the media , especially television, is changing.

The internet has caused   a fundamental change in the world of television. People watch TV on their   mobile phones , laptops or  iPads . They watch different things at the same time on different kinds of   devices . We watch TV in the same way that we used to listen to the radio. We turn it on but really don’t  concentrate on it because we are doing many things at the same time.

TV, however , is not really in danger.  The number of people with TV sets is still increasing . Big TV events like the  Super Bowl still  draw millions of viewers in front of the TV set.

Today we have more than one way of watching television.  Not only   can we follow our favorite programs on different  mobile  devices   but we can also  choose what we watch and when.   Hulu , for example, is a  platform   that  offers  episodes   of TV shows and movies  on demand . We can   record   them and watch them whenever we want.


Traditional television meant that you could only watch one program at a time. And you had to be there, or else you’d miss it. In the days of  digital content, many of us have a  digital video recorder   or a   smart phone   with which we can watch TV.

A company in California has already invented a  media device with which you can   record TV content and watch it on  smart phones, laptops, iPads and other  devices . Especially  youngsters   are watching TV and  surfing the web at the same time. The internet has not destroyed   television but is giving us more ways to watch it.


Browsing the web on an iPad

Browsing the web on an iPad - Robert Scoble -


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  • cause   = lead to
  • choose   = decide
  • concentrate   = focus
  • destroy   = to damage completely
  • device   = small machine
  • digital   = system in which information is recorded as a 0 or 1
  • digital video recorder   = machine that records content to a hard disc
  • draw   = attract
  • episode   = a television program that is one in a series in which the story is continued every week
  • especially   = above all
  • flip   = switch channels quickly
  • follow   = here: watch
  • fundamental   = basic, deep, important
  • however   = but
  • increase   = to go up
  • iPad   = a tablet computer made by Apple; with it you can  watch and listen to all kinds of content
  • media   = television, radio, newspapers and the Internet
  • mobile   = portable, something that you can carry around with you
  • mobile   phone   = a phone that you can carry around  and use in any place = cell phone
  • not only   = in addition to , also
  • offer   = give, present
  • old-fashioned   = traditional, conservative
  • on demand   = whenever you want to watch something
  • platform   = here: website
  • prime time   = the time in the evening when the largest number of people are watching
  • record   = save content on a recorder or hard disc
  • smart phone   = a mobile phone with which you can also run programs
  • Super Bowl   =  the final game of the American football season; it is played on a Sunday in January
  • surf   = to look quickly through information on the Internet
  • youngster   = child or young person