The Super Bowl - Final Game of the Football Season


The Super Bowl is the final game of the American football season. The two champions of North America’s professional football leagues, the NFL and the AFL, play against each other at the end of the season.

The Sunday on which this game is played is something like a national holiday in the USA and Canada. The famous event, usually carried out on the last Sunday in January or the first Sunday in February, is watched by millions of Americans. The Super Bowl on February 6, 2011 became the most watched TV program in American history with over 110 million viewers.


Because so many people watch the Super Bowl it is a very expensive time for advertising. Many companies want to get on TV when almost half of America is watching. In addition many pop singers and celebrities want to perform before the game and during half time.

The Super Bowl is marked with Roman numerals instead of years, for example Super Bowl XXV was the 25th Super Bowl game in history. The series started in 1967.


The game is held in a city that is selected at the beginning of the season. New Orleans, Miami and Los Angeles have become frequent hosts of the game. No team has ever played in their home stadium. In most cases Super Bowl games are given to cities with warmer climates and higher than average temperatures.



Super Bowl in Jacksonville - CTLiotta




  • AFL = American Football League
  • average = usual
  • carry out = to play
  • celebrity = famous living person
  • champion = here: the winner of a series of games that are played throughout the season
  • event = game
  • frequent = very often
  • host = city that carries out the game
  • in addition = also
  • mark = to show a position or number
  • NFL = National Football League
  • numerals = signs, numbers
  • perform = act, sing
  • professional = to do something for money, as a job
  • select = choose
  • series = many events that occur year after year
  • viewer = people who watch the game