Netflix Reaches Almost All Countries in the World


One of the most popular streaming services, Netflix, has recently expanded into more than 130 countries around the world. Previously it was available in 60 countries. India, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria were among the major countries that received Netflix's services in the new year. The company hopes to get millions of new subscribers.After the announcement the Netflix's shares rose by  5%.

The company's press secretaryhowever, has stated that not all content will be available in all countries, due to licensing agreements. More and more content is being added as time progresses.

China is the only major country, where Netflix has not yet made its services available. It has to get permission from the Chinese government to offer streaming services inside the country. However, the company's representatives are hopeful that this will happen sometime in the near future.  According to American law, Netflix is not allowed to conduct business in North Korea, Crimea or Syria.

Netflix has produced several  award-winning TV shows in the past years , including House of Cards,  Daredevil and Narcos.In the coming year it plans to release more original TV shows as well as its own films and documentaries.

Netflix has also added new languages, including Arabic and Chinese, to its service. At the moment  content is available in 21 languages.

America's number one streaming company began as a mail-order DVD service that began in 2007. Currently, over 70 million subscribers pay a small fee to watch TV shows and movies when they want and where they want. Media experts say that it has the potential to become the largest internet TV network.



Other companies, among them AmazonHulu and HBO,  are joining the fierce battle for  shares in the streaming video business.



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  • according to = as said by ...
  • announcement = when you say something in public or in the media
  • available = to be seen
  • battle = fight
  • conduct = carry out, do
  • content = here: TV shows and movies
  • currently = at the moment
  • due to = because of
  • expand = here: to offer services in many other countries; to become larger
  • fee = money you pay for using something
  • fierce = brutal
  • government = the people who rule a country
  • however = but
  • including = also
  • join = here: to take part in
  • licensing agreements = when a company is allowed or not allowed to show something in a country, which it may show in another country
  • mail-order = to buy and sell something from a catalogue, which a customer gets at home
  • major = most important
  • law = the rules of a country
  • near future = soon
  • network = system
  • original = here: their own, not some other company's
  • permission = to be allowed to
  • popular = liked, well-known
  • potential = the possibility to grow in a certain way
  • press secretary = person in a company who gives important information to newspapers, TV and other media
  • previously = before that
  • progress = go on
  • recently = a short time ago
  • release = here: to show on its service
  • representative = a person who speaks for a company
  • service = here: a system that you offer to people
  • several = many
  • shares = part of a company that you can buy
  • streaming = when you play sound or a video on your computer while it is being broadcast; you do not have to wait for the whole video to be downloaded
  • subscriber= someone who pays money once a month or once a year to watch something