The Peace Settlement





Almost a year before the war ended American president Woodrow Wilson drew up a plan called the Fourteen Points that was to end the war. However, when the Allies got together in Paris in 1919 they didn't consider very much of Wilson's plan.

The Treaty of Versailles, which officially ended the war, punished Germany and its allies very severely. Germany had to give up land to Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark and France. It also lost its colonies in Africa. The Germans were made responsible for having started the war and were to pay almost $33 billion in reparations. The army had to turn over its weapons, ships and other war materials to the Allies.

Separate treaties were signed between the Allies and the other Central Powers. Austria and Hungary lost almost two thirds of their former territory. Most of the new states and their borders in Eastern Europe were recognized. In the Middle East, the Ottoman Empire lost control of Syria, Iraq and Palestine. Germany's allies also had to pay reparations and had to reduce the strength of their armies.




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  • Allies = the countries that fought against Germany and Austria-Hungary
  • border = line between two countries
  • consider = think about
  • draw up = organize, plan
  • former = earlier
  • however = but
  • officially = formally, in fact
  • Palestine = area of land in the Middle East that includes West Jordan and the Gaza Strip;  the Arabs want to make this territory into an independent country
  • punish = to make someone suffer because they have done something wrong or committed a crime
  • reduce = lower
  • reparations = money that the nations that lost the war have to pay
  • responsible = it was their fault
  • separate = different
  • severely = badly, very much
  • sign = to put your name on a written document
  • strength = power, influence
  • territory = land
  • treaty = when two people or countries stop fighting and put their names on a written document
  • weapon = something that you use to fight, like a gun, knife or a bomb