Twitter is a social network that allows users to send and receive short messages , called tweets. Tweets can be up to 140 characters long. You can send tweets from your computer or even from your mobile phone. While some social networking services are like Facebook or MySpace are more complicated Twitter is fairly simple to use. To send or receive messages you just have to create an account on Twitter. You can only send text to twitter, images are not allowed.

Twitter users can follow what other people post. It makes you feel a part of someone else’s life . People all over the world talk about all kinds of topics .



In most cases Twitter is made up of many small groups of people. Sometimes only they can follow each other’s movements . You could post “Hey, I’m going to the pub” , and all of your friends could read it at once .

Your messages on Twitter can be private, meaning only your friends can read them or you could make them public , meaning they can be seen by everyone.

Twitter is used for many things. You can post an upcoming event , organize group conversations or just tell the world what you’re doing at the moment. You can also use twitter instead of sending many SMS’s to different people . Just post your messages on Twitter and everyone else can see them.

Many people update their Twitter status very often, sometimes even a couple of times an hour. Recently , Twitter has also been used in business . Companies use twitter to inform people about new products or just to post something that is on sale .

Twitter has become very popular . Since its birth in 2006 over one hundred million people around the world have been using it regularly .



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  • at once = quickly
  • business = trade, buying and selling of things
  • character = letter or number
  • complicated = difficult to use
  • couple = a few
  • create = sign up for , make
  • event = something interesting or important that happens
  • fairly = quite, pretty
  • image = picture
  • instead of = in something’s place
  • message = a written piece of information
  • movement = where you go and travel to
  • on sale = if you can buy something at a special price
  • popular = liked by many people
  • post = to write a message on a social networking platform
  • public = so that everyone can see them
  • receive = get
  • recently = lately , not long ago
  • regular = very often
  • social network = a structure on the web made up of people who are connected to each other
  • topic = theme, a subject that people talk or write about
  • upcoming = future
  • update = to add new information to something