Lady Gaga - The Queen of Social Media


Lady Gaga dominates the social media world. The queen of pop has more followers on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube than any other person in the world.

Even though she lost her number one spot on Facebook to Rihanna she is still the overall social media star. Lady Gaga has 41 million Facebook fans, almost 12 million Twitter followers and 1.6 billion  YouTube views.

Forbes, a leading business magazine, has recently named Lady Gaga the most powerful  celebrity  on earth.

Lady Gaga’s social media success started a few years ago on MySpace, a social media platform that, at that time, was as popular as Facebook. In 2009 her team started concentrating on Facebook.

Today Lady Gaga’s social media success  is based on a great team that supervises her fan pages and the star herself who tries to have as much contact with her fans as possible. She connects  to her followers daily on Twitter, which she manages herself.



No other pop star in history has made so much success so quickly. One reason is that Lady Gaga, often compared to Madonna, is not  scared to try something new.  Apart from creating  games for mobile phones the staff  of the pop queen launched GagaVille , a virtual  world with games, music and many surprises.



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  • apart from   = in addition to
  • billion   = a thousand million
  • celebrity   = a very famous, living person
  • connect   = to get into contact with
  • create   = make something new
  • dominate   = to be better than the others
  • even though   = while
  • follower   = here: fan, a person who wants to find out what you do all the time
  • launch   = start
  • manage   = control, deal with
  • overall   = general, all together
  • recently   = a short time ago
  • scared   = afraid
  • social media   = to use the Internet , mobile phones and other types of communication to  get into contact with people
  • spot   = place, ranking
  • staff   = the people who work for her
  • success   = when a lot of people like what you do
  • supervise   = oversee, manage
  • virtual   = not real; only online