Business Videos Conquer the Internet


More and more companies around the world are advertising their products online. But while, in the past, promoting products was usually in text and pictures, firms are discovering that advertising on video platforms brings more success and higher profits. Advertising agencies argue that video advertising is a better way to get your message across than by just using plain text or a simple image.

Technology experts predict that, by 2013, videos will be standard on every website. By then, about 25% of all web content will be video, audio or images.


Two elements have become responsible for the boom in video advertising. First, more and more private homes and offices have access to broadband and high-speed internet connections, so videos are not shaky anymore and have a better quality. Sharing videos online has become popular when YouTube started its service in 2005. Today there are many other video hosting sites. About 80% of all web users watch at least one video a month.

For businesses these sites have made it easier and cheaper to promote products to millions of people around the world. Brightcove, another leading video provider, offers everything that a company needs to produce and distribute high-quality videos to millions of people. It also provides the tools to embed videos on your company website. The company charges a fee that depends on how many videos you upload and how many people view them.

Web market analysts say that people who watch videos online spend more time on a website and are more likely to buy a product. Although many experts say that YouTube is a great way to start promoting videos, you have to switch to professional marketing companies to get more out of it. Costs are beginning to drop as more and more providers appear.


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  • access = the right to use
  • advertise = present, promote, show
  • advertising agency = company that designs or makes ads for others
  • although = while
  • analyst = to examine or think carefully about something so that you can understand it
  • appear = show up
  • argue = say
  • boom = increase in business
  • broadband = internet connections that are very fast
  • business = company
  • charge = to ask for money
  • conquer = take over, to start controlling
  • depend on = directly affected by something else
  • discover = to find out
  • distribute = to spread
  • embed =insert
  • fee = money for a service
  • firm = company
  • get your message across = to make people understand what you have to say
  • image = picture
  • leading = number one
  • plain text = just text, without pictures or symbols
  • platform = here: website
  • popular = widespread, common, used by many people
  • predict = to say that something will happen
  • promote = to help sell; show
  • provide = offer, give
  • provider = a company that offers a certain service and gets paid for it
  • service = something that a company offers which people can use
  • shaky = unstable, not smooth
  • share = to use together
  • success = to do or finish something that you wanted to
  • switch = change to
  • upload = to move data from a small computer to a computer network so that other people can see it
  • video hosting = to save videos on a network computer so that others can view them
  • view = see, watch