Two Big Sporting Events Give Brazil Hope for a Better Future


Two of the world’s biggest sporting events will be held in Brazil within the next six years. The 2014 football  World Cup  is  scheduled  to be held in 12 Brazilian cities and two years later the Olympic Summer Games are to be held in Rio de Janeiro.  The South American country hopes to  profit economically  from these two big events.

Government  officials  expect tourism to  rise in the course of  these events. They believe that hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world will visit Brazil stadiums during FIFA World Cup. It should be an exciting  spectacle  in a country where only football  counts .



The government will invest  billions  of dollars in Brazil’s  infrastructure . New roads and railway lines will be built and plans to  expand  Rio’s international airport are under way. Money will go into other social and economic projects as well. The government plans to provide   electricity to all  households ,  sanitation  will also be  improved .



Authorities   are planning to spend money on observing the quality of Brazil’s wonderful beaches. Parks and other tourist  destinations  are to be  restored  for the big events.  In addition  most stadiums will be  renewed  including Rio’s legendary Maracana Stadium, once the biggest football stadium the world.

However in spite of the country’s wonderful  scenery  and  landscapes  problems  remain in Rio de Janeiro. The city is one of the crime capitals of the world.  Drug- related gang wars have been going on in many  favelas  of the city for some time. During the two big events more and more   police will be patrolling the streets in order to give  foreign  tourists the feeling of  safety .  Brazil and Rio de Janeiro will take the same  measures  against crime that South Africa took during the 2010 World Cup.

The  tournament  in South Africa gave the country a  major  economic  boost  and the same is expected to happen in Brazil. The government plans to bring in  foreign  investors who have money and the technical  know-how  to  stage  such big events.



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  • authority   = government organization that has some power
  • billion   = a thousand million
  • boost   = something that helps you become better and more successful
  • count   = here: is important
  • destination   = place to go to
  • drug-related   = because of drugs
  • economically   = financially
  • favelas   = a very poor part of a South American city
  • foreign   = from another country
  • gang   = group of young people who often fight against each other  and are involved in drugs
  • household   = home, family
  • improve   = to make better
  • in addition   = also
  • know-how   = the ability and skill to do something
  • landscape   = area of the countryside
  • major   = very big, important
  • measure   = action
  • official   = a person who has a high position in a country
  • in the course of   = here: as these events take place
  • patrol   = watch
  • profit   = to get money from doing something
  • remain   = stay
  • renew   = renovate
  • restore   = repair, renew, make better
  • rise   = go up
  • safety   = to be safe
  • sanitation   = to protect the people who live in an area by making dirty water cleaner
  • scenery   = landscape, panorama
  • schedule   = plan
  • spectacle   = a great show
  • stage   = organize
  • World Cup   = tournament in which 32 countries from all over the world play against each other