Kentucky Fried Starts Selling Boneless Chicken


Kentucky Fried Chicken, one of the oldest companies in the fast food business is drastically changing its concept. The chain, which has been offering fried chicken pieces since the 1950s, has announced that it is starting to sell chicken without bones. It is the most fundamental change in company’s 60 year history. Kentucky Fried has over 17,000 restaurants around the world

The fast food franchise will offer either white or dark meat chicken pieces without bones, but with the same legendary KFC breadcrumb coating that made it famous.  While many fast food lovers think it may be a risky move, others welcome the change, claiming that people want to eat in a more comfortable way. They like to eat with one hand and use the second one for driving or handling cell phone calls. Parents are also in favor of the change because they can give their children chicken without having to be worried about bones.

The move comes at a time when the whole fast food industry is in an economic crisis. Supermarket chains have been offering takeaway meals and an increasing number of customers are looking for healthier diets and turning their backs on high-calorie fast food. In addition, food marketing experts say that the time where Dad bought a bucket of fried chicken for the whole family, to be eaten in the evening, is over.

Kentucky Fried predicts that most of the food at its restaurants will be sold boneless by next year. By 2018 chicken with bones may disappear completely from its restaurants. But that’s for the customers to decide. The company may also have been put under pressure by McDonald’s, whose boneless Chicken McNuggets have been widely successful.

The franchise plans to introduce other boneless chicken products, including a new line of sandwiches, wraps and salads.



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  • announce = to say officially
  • boneless= without bones
  • breadcrumb coating = crispy layer that is on top of the meat
  • bucket = an open container with a handle used for carrying things
  • cell phone = mobile phone
  • chain = here: a number of restaurants that belong to the same company
  • claim = to say that something is true
  • concept = plan
  • customer = a person who buys something
  • diet = food that you regularly eat
  • disappear = go away completely
  • drastically = very much, radically
  • economic = financial, about money
  • franchise = a company that operates shops with a certain name
  • fried = cooked in hot oil
  • fundamental = important, basic
  • handle = deal with, use
  • high-calorie = with a lot of calories
  • in addition = also
  • in favor of = to be for something
  • including = also
  • increase = to go up
  • introduce = start
  • legendary = famous, well-known
  • line = series
  • move = action
  • offer = sell
  • predict = to say that something will happen
  • put under pressure = here: they had to do something because other companies also took action
  • supermarket chain = many supermarkets that belong to the same company
  • takeaway meal = food that you can buy and eat at home or in a car
  • turn their back= here: stop eating
  • welcome = are happy about
  • widely = very much
  • worried = care about