McDonald's Opens New Restaurants in Russia


America's fast food giant McDonald's is planning to open more new restaurants in Russia.  The company, which has been operating in Russia for 26 years,  has constantly expanded over the years. In 2015 the franchise opened 59 restaurants and  plans to open 60 more this year. Currently, McDonald's operates 543 restaurants in Russia. According to a company spokesperson, it will invest over a hundred million dollars.

In addition, McDonald's wants to buy more food from local suppliers. Western countries have imposed sanctions on Russia because of the country's role in the Ukraine conflict. In retaliation, Russia has placed an embargo on food coming from the west. Last year over 80% of the food used in McDonald's restaurants was produced in Russia.

In the future, it wants to become completely independent and get everything from local suppliers. Within the next two years chicken and beef is to come from local farms.  McDonald's also intends to grow Russian potatoes used for French fries.



The fast food franchise is extremely popular among Russians, even though McDonald's had to increase menu prices because of the sinking value of the rouble.



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  • according to = as said by ...
  • beef = meat from cows
  • constantly = the whole time
  • currently = now, at the moment
  • embargo = stop trading with another country
  • even though = despite
  • expand = to become larger
  • extremely = very
  • franchise = the right to sell products using a company's name
  • giant = here: very large company
  • impose = put into effect
  • in addition = also
  • increase = to make more expensive
  • independent = here: not need
  • intend = plan
  • local supplier = here: company that produces food in Russia and sells it to McDonald's
  • operate = here: to do business
  • popular = much liked
  • retaliation = to punish someone because they have done harm to you; to take revenge
  • rouble = money used in Russia
  • sanction = order that stops or reduces trading to another country in order to make it follow certain rules
  • spokesperson = person who is chosen to speak for a company and make press and TV comments
  • value = what something is worth
  • within =in