Child-Free Flights in the Future?


Many people go mad when they sit next to a child who is  screaming in an airplane. Some travelers get nervous, not only because planes are packed  and foot space is  limited , but also because crying babies get on their nerves. In some cases parents don’t do anything to stop   screaming , in others nothing helps to   calm   a child down.

Now more and more travelers are   demanding   child-free   flights or sections reserved for families on planes. Some passengers would even pay extra money if they could   avoid   the crying and screaming of   toddlers   in the cabin.

Many parents are   in favor of   the suggestion as well because crying children are a stress for them too. A section for parents and their children would give families a chance to laugh, cry and talk to their children.

The airlines themselves, however, do not like this idea.  They say that flying is a  tough industry and they are not going to tell passengers to take another flight if they want a certain   one.

There are many difficulties in family  sections   on planes too. How would you   arrange   the seating? What if parents want to sit in the back   row   and children up in the front? What would happen if a large family   suddenly   cancelled   a flight? If you   provide   an area for families some people might then want a section for   obese   people, or ones only for   seniors . Airlines simply can’t let that happen.



One airline official   especially   trained to handle children says there are things parents can do to make flying with children more stress-free. You could   supply   an   infant   with something to do during a flight or   request   a seat in the last   row   of the plane where you wouldn’t   bother   anyone else. In any case, it’s important to stay   calm .




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  • arrange   = put together
  • avoid   = stop
  • bother   = to be a trouble to
  • calm   = quiet
  • cancel   = call off , withdraw from
  • certain   = special
  • child-free   = without children
  • demand   = want to have
  • especially   = mainly, specially
  • foot space   = room to put your feet
  • in favor of   = to be for something
  • infant   = small child or a baby
  • limited   = not very much
  • obese   = fat, overweight
  • packed   = overcrowded, with many people in the plane
  • provide   = offer, give
  • request   = ask for
  • row   = line of seats
  • scream   = cry loudly
  • section   = area, place
  • senior   = old person
  • suddenly   = unexpectedly
  • supply   = give
  • toddler   = small child
  • tough   =very difficult