Hunt For Nazi Gold Train in Poland


The hunt for a missing Nazi gold train in southern Poland is continuing. While experts from Krakow University claim that no train has been found up to now, two explorers argue that have found the location of the mysterious train.

Geologists of the university used metal detectors and radar to examine the site.  They say that a tunnel may exist but there is no sign of a train. On the other side, two private explorers, a Polish construction company owner and a German geologist,  claim that they there is no doubt that the missing train exists.

The mysterious train went missing towards the end of World War II when Soviet soldiers were advancing towards Nazi Germany. The train left Wroclaw and headed for Walbryzch , about 60 km away. Adolf Hitler ordered bunkers and secret command centres to be set up in southwestern Poland. Thousands of prisoners are believed to have died  building tunnels for the Germans.

Historians think that the train may be filled with Nazi gold, weapons and valuable works of art that the Germans tried to hide towards the end of the war. According to rumours, other trains may also be trapped in underground tunnels.



The hunt for the missing train has sparked widespread interest. Reporters and TV crews from around the world have been pouring into the area to report about the events.



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  • according to = as said by ....
  • advance = move towards
  • are believed to = to think that something might be true or possible
  • argue = to say that something is true, claim
  • claim = to say that something is true
  • command centre = place from which leaders give orders and control what happens
  • construction company = company that builds houses and other buildings
  • continue = go on
  • crew = team
  • doubt = a feeling of not being sure if something is true or not
  • examine = observe, look at something carefully
  • explorer = person who travels to places in order to find out more about them
  • geologist = person who studies the rocks of the earth and the way they have formed the surface of our planet
  • historian = someone who studies history
  • location = where something is
  • metal detector = machine used to find pieces of metal under the ground
  • pour into = here: many people arrive at the same time
  • prisoner = someone who is taken somewhere against their will
  • radar = machine that uses radio waves  to find out how something moves
  • rumour = information that a person gives to another person; it may or may not be true
  • secret = not known by many people
  • set up = build
  • sign = fact that shows that something is true
  • site = place where something important is happening
  • Soviet = from the Soviet Union,a communist country that existed between 1922 and 1991
  • spark = here: to make people interested
  • towards = near
  • trap = if someone or something cannot escape from a place
  • valuable = expensive, worth a lot of money
  • weapon = object used to fight against somebody in a war
  • widespread = here: from many other places