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Television in America started with the big three commercial broadcasters ABC, NBC and CBS. The first public TV station was PBS which started in 1970. Major cable and satellite networks include MTV, ESPN (sports), CNN (news) and Discovery Channel (documentaries)

Outside of Europe countries have a mix of public state-owned broadcasters and commercial TV stations. Among them are BBC and Sky (Great Britain), RTL (Germany).

Other notable TV broadcasters with a global reach are Al-Jazeera (Qatar in 1996) and Globo, a Brazilian TV giant that is famous for its telenovelas.



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  • commercial broadcaster = television station that gets its money through advertisements and commercials
  • giant = very big company
  • global reach = you can watch them in many countries around the world
  • major = important
  • network = group of TV stations that belong together and usually broadcast the same programs
  • notable = important
  • public = free, open
  • state-owned = controlled by the government
  • telenovela =  short TV series that is popular in South America