At 27, Your Brain Starts Getting Old


Old age starts at 27, at least when you look at the human brain. Scientists have found out that the power and strength of the brain is best at 22. In your late 20s certain functions of the brain start getting weaker.

In order to test the powers of the brain people who took part in the studies had to solve puzzles, remember spoken words and retell a story.

In 9 out of 12 tests test people got their best results at the age of 22. Memory stays good until 37 , long-term knowledge and general information increases until the age of 60.

The study shows that the ageing of the brain starts much earlier than we think. If we understand what goes on in the brain at an early age, we may find out what goes wrong in diseases like Alzheimer’s.


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  • disease = illness
  • increase = to go up
  • long-term knowledge = information that you remember for a longer time
  • strength = power
  • study = work you do to find out about a problem