Rosa Parks' House Rebuilt in Berlin


An American artist paid 13,000 dollars to move the house of Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks from Detroit to Berlin.  He was given the house because Rosa Park’s niece did not have the money to preserve it . It was rebuilt, piece by piece , and now stands between apartment blocks in Germany’s capital.




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  • Berlin-based = from Berlin
  • boycott= to refuse to do something as a way of protesting
  • capital = the most important city in a country; where the government is
  • civil rights icon = a famous person who has fought hard  for the basic rights that every person should have
  • Civil Rights Movement = time in the 1950s and 1960s when African Americans fought to get the same rights as white people
  • courageous = brave
  • death threats = people say that they want to kill you
  • decade = ten years
  • defiance = when you do not do what someone orders you to
  • defy the odds = something does not happen the way you would expect it to
  • demolish =  pull down, destroy
  • eventually = slowly , as time goes on
  • flee = escape from a dangerous situation
  • honour = to respect someone
  • nestled = to be in-between  something
  • niece = the daughter of my sister
  • nook and cranny = here: every part of the place
  • opportunity = chance
  • piece by piece = here: every element of the house was carefully transported
  • preservation =to keep something in its original state
  • raise money = collect money
  • rebuilt = to built again
  • refuse = do not do something that a person has told you to
  • rightful place = place where it should be, according to law
  • seamstress = a woman whose job it is to sew and make clothes
  • segregation = people of a different race, religion or culture are who are kept apart by law
  • worn = here: damaged; in a bad condition