Camel Trading in India

Every year a big camel fair takes place Pushkar , India. Indian camel trades come to Pushkar and set up camps in early winter. Many people travel many days to participate in the fair. Although trading camels is an Indian tradition, the young generation of Indians has lost the passion to do it. Many parents want their children to get educated and seek a different job. Population growth and land development is slowly putting an end to camel trading; however, the animal still has many functions. Camels not only give milk but help cultivate farmland and serve as a means of transportation for the older population.



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  • addition = here: new camel
  • aid = help
  • annual = yearly
  • attract = to pull towards; to be a magnet for
  • brisk = fast, quick
  • century = a hundred years
  • coincide =match, to happen at the same time
  • cultivate = to prepare land so that you can grow crops on it
  • dip = to make something wet
  • disappear = to go away
  • employment = work, job
  • encroach = to cover more and more land
  • fair = event at which people show and sell things
  • fetch = get
  • graze = animals eat grass
  • handle = deal with, treat
  • herd = group of animals that live together
  • increase = to go up
  • instruct = teach, give orders
  • land development = when farming land is turned into places where people build houses and live
  • passion = what you love to do
  • possession = what someone calls his own
  • practical = useful
  • profit = to make money
  • prompt = to make someone decide to do something
  • rare = not very often
  • rupee = money in India ; 100 rupees are about 1.4 Euros
  • time-honored = it takes a lot of time
  • trade =buy and sell
  • trek = trip
  • youngster = young person