Breaking2 – How Nike Wants to Break the 2-Hour Marathon


Breaking2 is a project sponsored by Nike to break the two-minute marathon mark. The attempt is to be made on the Monza race track in Italy , which offers ideal conditions for runners. With the help of experts in science, nutrition and sports, the best runners from all over the world will take part in this ambitious project.




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  • ambitious = here: you want to be successful in doing something that is hard to do
  • associated = connected
  • attempt = try
  • barrier = limit
  • base = here: where something starts
  • bid = attempt, try
  • champion = the best in the world
  • condition = the state that something is in
  • cutting-edge = an advantage over other people or things
  • desire = a strong hope or wish
  • discovery = things that you find out for the first time
  • environment = the world around us
  • extraordinary = unusual, very special
  • gap = here: task
  • history is against something = here: in the past, such things did not happen so quickly
  • humidity = the amount of water that is in the air
  • hurdle = problem or difficulty you must deal with
  • iconic = here: a famous and well-known place
  • incredible = hard to believe
  • mark = time
  • milestone = an important event in a special area
  • nutrition = getting or giving someone the right kind of food
  • offer = give
  • race track = track on which cars drive very quickly
  • take off = here: to be faster than
  • turn of the century = the year 2000
  • unbeatable = here: a time that you cannot beat
  • uplifted = very happy and hopeful
  • venue = where an event takes place