Albert Einstein - Famous Physicist and Refugee


Albert Einstein was  famous German physicist who became famous for his theory of relativity which he published in the early 20th century. His work was seen as Jewish propaganda and in the 1930s Einstein had to flee Nazi Germany. After arriving in the United States, he became professor at Princeton University and played  an important role in the creation of nuclear weapons, to which he was later opposed .  He also fought for the rights of European refugees.



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  • anti-Semitism = hating Jewish people
  • bill = a written document that goes to parliament so that it can be discussed and may become a law
  • bounty = money that the government gives someone as a reward for doing something
  • cast aside = do away with something because you don’t need it
  • citizen = a person who lives in a place and has rights there
  • denounce = to say in front of many  people that something is wrong
  • fame = being famous
  • feature = here: something that  is very important
  • flee = escape
  • hang- hanged = to kill someone by putting a rope around their neck and letting them hang from a higher place
  • horrors = here: the bad and terrible situation in a country
  • identify = to feel you belong to a group
  • immense = very large
  • issue = topic
  • label = give something a name
  • lobby = to try to persuade the government that a law should be changed
  • nationality =  belonging to a country or group of people
  • nuclear weapon = powerful bomb  that uses nuclear energy to kill  many people and destroy  large areas
  • oppose = to be against
  • outspoken = honest
  • pamphlet =  leaflet; information paper
  • physicist = a person who works in the field of physics
  • popularity = being well-known and liked by many people
  • privilege = something special that you are allowed to do
  • raise = bring up
  • refugee = someone who has to leave their country because of a war or out of political reasons
  • revolutionize = change completely
  • sentiment = here: the feeling that many people have about something
  • spread = move from one place to another
  • struggle = here: fight  for something
  • theory of relativity = the connection in physics between time, space  and movement
  • ultimately = in the end
  • vocal opposition = to say in public that you are against something