How Bad is Sitting Down For Us ?


A recent Australian study shows that sitting down a lot is not as bad as we have always thought.  Researchers have found no connection between sitting down and a higher risk of diabetes, cancer or heart disease. They say that a healthy lifestyle has many components and sitting is just one of them.  The group of people that they have studied were London office workers who were on the move at least 45 minutes every day.




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  • approximately = about
  • cancer = serious disease in which cells in your body start to grow in a way that is not normal
  • component = part of something; element
  • counteract = here: to stop something by doing the exact opposite
  • develop = get
  • diabetes = a serious disease in which there is too much sugar in your blood
  • exercise = physical activity that helps keep you healthy and your body strong
  • inactivity = not being active and moving around a lot
  • incidence = case
  • increased = higher
  • leisure time = free time; time in which you do not work
  • link = connection
  • mental = about the mind
  • on the move = to be active and walk or run a lot
  • physical = about the body
  • put down = here: the reason for something
  • recent = here: published a short time ago
  • reputation = status , opinion that people have about something
  • researcher = person who studies something in order to  find out more about it
  • sample = here: the people who were chosen for the study
  • secondary = here: not so much
  • sedentary = to spend a lot of time sitting down and not moving
  • snacking = when you eat food in between meals
  • study = a piece of work that finds out more about a certain subject
  • track = look at very closely