Cyclocross - The Steeplechase of Bicycle Racing


Cyclocross is a fascinating bike race. It is carried out on mud, gravel and other surfaces. It is like cross-country cycling . Sometimes you even have to carry your bike or walk it through dangerous areas. Five young people tell you what is so fascinating about cyclocross.


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  • BMX= a strong bicycle with which you can move freely and jump around
  • challenge = something difficult that tests your strengths or how well you do something
  • champion = winner
  • entire= whole
  • fast-paced = here: a very fast sport
  • figure out = find out
  • goose bumps= when small points come out of your skin because you are cold or afraid of something
  • gravel = small stones used to make paths or roads
  • intensity= strength, power
  • mud = wet earth that has become soft and sticky
  • NASCAR = a car racing organization in the United States
  • performance = act, presentation
  • smooth =soft, not rough
  • spot = place
  • strength = power
  • surface = the top layer of the Earth
  • tears = liquid that comes out of your eyes when you cry
  • technique = skill
  • trail = track
  • transition = here: change, to move from one area or surface to another
  • turn = curve