Gender Equality - Fill in the correct word

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   birth      care      contributed      developed      discriminated      economic      educated      employing      equality      factory      GDP      government      improved      labour      largely      leave      major      planning      raising      ranks      single      society   

Gender is still a major issue in today's world. Although the situation of women has , especially in countries, females are still against in some areas.

It is harder for them to reach top positions in companies, especially if they are a mother and have to for their children. Husbands often don't want to take and look after a baby. In addition they must spend more money on educating and a child.

Scandinavia has shown that a lot can be done for women. Iceland, for example, number one when it comes to gender equality. The United States has caught up, moving form the 31st position to the number 19 spot, because President Obama has given women more jobs in federal . In Asian countries more and more women are being offered top positions in companies.

Women have a lot to growth. In America, experts think that the would be up to 25% lower if there were no women on the force. Company bosses get advantages from women because they bring in new ideas and working methods.

Over the past century the role of women in has drastically changed. In the first part of the 20th century they took on jobs as badly-paid workers and servants. When control was introduced in the 1960s more and more women started their families. They got , looked for a job and worked for some time before they got children.