Colors - What They Mean and How They Affect Us


Colors are all around us and there is no way we can escape them. But what do certain colors stand for? The meaning of colors has changed in the course of history but certain facts are still true about them



Black often means power and authority. Overweight people often wear black because it makes you look thinner. Black also means that you are willing to obey someone. Priests, for example, wear black because they obey God. Black also symbolizes evil and death. Villains often wear black clothes and people wear black at a funeral.




White is a symbol of innocence and cleanness. Brides and doctors wear white clothes to symbolize this. It is a popular color in fashion, especially during the summer months, because it fits to everything. White is a color that reflects light.



Red is a strong, powerful and aggressive color that attracts a lot of attention. People who have red cars may seem to want to show this. It is also the color of love.




Blue is the color of the sky and the oceans. As the opposite of red it means silence and peace. It is often a color which people use in their bedrooms because they may be able to sleep better. But blue is also a cold color that can be depressing. Blue stands for more productivity and business meetings are often held in blue rooms.



Green is a symbol of nature. It is a calm color that stimulates you. Patients in hospitals often sit in green rooms to relax. Brides in the Middle Ages often wore green because they wanted to have many children.



Yellow is a cheerful, optimistic colour. Yet, some people may get more aggressive in yellow rooms and babies often cry a lot.



Purple is the color of kings and queens. It symbolizes wealth and money. It is also a romantic color that stands for love.



Brown is the color of the earth. It can be found a lot in nature. Brown can be a sad color and sometimes it is connected with being more thoughtful.



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  • attention = the interest that you show in something
  • attract = to pull towards you
  • authority = the power you have because you are in a certain position
  • bride = a woman at the time she is getting married
  • course of history = during the ages
  • escape = to get away from
  • evil = something bad
  • funeral = a religious ceremony for someone who has died
  • innocence = not to be guilty
  • obey = to do as someone tells you
  • productivity = how fast goods can be produced in a certain time
  • silence = quiet, stillness
  • stimulate = motivate
  • thoughtful = to be serious and quiet because you are thinking a lot
  • villain = a bad character in a film or book
  • wealth = to be rich