The Roman Catholic Church

Gap-fill exercise

The Roman Catholic Church is the largest group of Christians in the world. Catholics believe that God sent Jesus Christ to save the of humans and bring salvation to all people.
The Pope is the head of the Roman Catholic Church on Earth. He the church from the Vatican, a small state in the middle of Rome. The Pope has and other officials who assist him. The Curia is an organization that deals with problems of the church and represents the church in other countries.

Catholic are based on the Bible. All people are born with an original that dates back to Adam. He God and was punished. is a sacrament that is normally performed on small children and washes it away.

When Catholics die their soul rises from their bodies. Good Catholics rise to Heaven and live a God’s life there. Other souls stay in until they are cleaned from sins. Those who have not lived a life according to God’s will go to hell.

The Roman Catholic Church is organized hierarchically. Small villages are combined to a and led by a priest. A is supervised by a bishop who is the religious leader of a state or province. The highest Catholic official is the Pope, who is by .