Alcatraz - America's Most famous prison


Alcatraz, often called the Rock, is America's most famous prison. It lies in San Francisco Bay and dates backto the 1400s. Many famous inmates were kept there, including famous gangster Al Capone. But there have always been mysterious signs that Alcatraz was a haunted island . The prison was closed in 1963.







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  • apparition = something that you think you see, especially a ghost or a dead spirit
  • authority = here: the government
  • barren = empty , with no plants or other vegetation on it
  • confederate = person from one of the Southern States that separated from the North in the Civil War
  • convict = to find a person guilty of a crime
  • decline = to become weaker
  • deplorable = terrible, bad
  • evil = bad
  • federal = for all of the United States
  • fugitive = someone who is looked for by the government
  • harsh = cruel, bad
  • hatchet = a tool or instrument with which you can chop off things
  • haunted = ghostly, strange
  • immediately =at once
  • inhabit = to live in a place
  • inmate = prisoner
  • jail = a prison
  • last resort = the final place to stay
  • penitentiary = prison
  • racketeer = someone who earns money through crime and other illegal activities
  • reputation = opinion that people have or had about something
  • residence = a place to live
  • self-mutilation =to damage your body by cutting out parts of it
  • serve time = to be in prison
  • sinister = threatening, dangerous, bad
  • solitary (confinement) = to stay in a prison cell completely alone
  • spirit = ghost
  • suicide = to kill yourself
  • torture = to hurt someone so that they give you information
  • windswept = windy because there are not many trees to protect the island