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Pocahontas was one of the most famous in Native American history. The daughter of tribal helped the leader of the first colonists John Smith when he was taken by Indians. They wanted to kill him but Pocahontas her father to save him.

During the first few years the Indians got along with the white very well. Pocahontas visited Jamestown and traded goods with white people. As time went on the between the settlers and Indians became more and more . They turned into enemies. When the English settlers the Indians of stealing goods from them they took Pocahontas prisoner. During this time she fell in love with an Englishman John Rolfe, whom she married in 1614.

Two years later Pocahontas sailed to London with her new husband to get money for the . There, the Indian princess was introduced to King James I . Back in Virginia Pocahontas fell ill and back to London again to visit her son Thomas, who went to school there. Shortly she died. Pocahontas played an important part in early American history and helped colonists their first winters.