Native Americans - True or False

  1. All Indians believed in the same single god .
  2. Most Indians used guns to fight against their enemies .
  3. When Columbus discovered America Indians had already been there for thousands of years.
  4. The Inuit lived in warm areas in the southwestern part of North America.
  5. Native Americans were good at making pottery and other things by hand.
  6. Shamans were religious people who had close contact with spirits.
  7. When Europeans came to the New World they tried to force the natives to change their lives .
  8. When gold was found in California Native Americans started making a lot of money
  9. About 70% of all Native Americans live on reservations today .
  10. In the northeastern part of America Indians celebrated the first Thanksgiving with white settlers.
  11. The Plains Indians depended on buffalo meat for food .
  12. The Pueblo Indians lived in wigwams made out of animal skin.