Mount Etna Erupts Again


Mount Etna, one of Europe's most famous volcanoes,has erupted again after being asleep for over two years.  The eruption lasted for about an hour and sent ash over 7 km into the air. Nearby villages were covered with dust. Mount Etna's eruption also forced Reggio Calabria airport to close down for a short time.

The eruption was spectacular because of the bright lights that accompanied it. Although the ash and dust clouded the outbreak scientists were able to see the volcanic lighting with the help of special technologyAccording to scientists , the recent eruptions have been the most violent in the last 20 years.

For the first time since 2013, lava flowed from one of the volcanoes craters. Howeverauthorities have built dams and trenches around the volcano in order to divert the flow of lava to unpopulated areas.

Mount Etna , on the eastern coast of Sicily , is one of the most active volcanoes in Europe. It lies on the edges of two geological plates that separate Europe from AfricaMovements in the Earth's crust make southern Europe a very active  area with frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity.



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  • accompany = to go with something
  • according to = as said by ...
  • although = while
  • ash = soft grey powder that is left over after a fire
  • authorities = people who have the power to make decisions in a certain area
  • cloud = here: to make something difficult to see
  • divert = to change the direction
  • dust = dry powder made out of small bits of dirt
  • edge = the end of something
  • erupt = break out
  • frequent = when something happens very often
  • force = to make something happen
  • however = but
  • movement = when something moves
  • outbreak = eruption
  • recent = something that happened only a short time ago
  • separate = divide
  • spectacular = very impressive and beautiful to see
  • technology = here: instruments and machines with which you can do something special
  • trench = long holes in the ground
  • unpopulated = without many people living there
  • violent = powerful