Nepal Decides to Re-Measure Mount Everest


The  government  of Nepal is planning to  re-measure Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain. China and Nepal have been arguing  for years about how high the mountain really is.

Mount Everest lies on the border  of the two countries. According to China the mountain is 8,844 meters high, Nepal puts its  height at 8,848 meters, which is also the official height  in most of the world’s geography and reference  books. The difference occurs  because China measures Mount Everest by its rock height while Nepal adds the height of the snow.



Some geologists however think that both numbers could be wrong.  Since India is pushing itself under the Asian continent the Himalayas are becoming taller and taller. In 1999 an American expedition measured  the mountain and recorded  its height at 8,850 meters.

This will be the first time that the Himalayan country will determine  the height of Mount Everest. The  peak was first measured in 1856. A measurement conducted  by India recorded the mountain at 8,848 meters in 1955. Now Nepal has the technology to measure the  peak  itself.

The new  survey  will be conducted  through GPS  and will take about two years.  Three stations will be set up to measure the mountain’s height.


Since Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing Norgay became the first to  reach  the peak  of Mount Everest about 3,000 mountaineers have successfully  climbed the world’s tallest mountain.



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  • according to   = as said by …
  • add   = include
  • argue   = quarrel
  • border   =line between two countries
  • conduct   = carry out
  • determine   = here: to find out the real height
  • geologist   = the study of the rocks that make up the surface of the earth
  • government   = people who rule a country
  • GPS   = Global Positioning System = a system that uses radio signals of satellites to show your correct position on earth
  • height   = how high something is
  • measure   = to calculate how high something is
  • mountaineer   = mountain climber
  • occur   = happen
  • official   = here: the number that is in reference books
  • peak   = the sharply pointed tip of the mountain
  • re-measure   = to calculate the size or height of something again
  • reach   = get to
  • record   = to write down data or information
  • reference book = a book like a dictionary or encyclopaedia that you look at to find information
  • successful   = to do something that you have planned to do
  • survey   = study, examination
  • technology   = knowledge, machines and tools to do a job