How China is Ruled


All power in China is in the hands of the Communist Party. It has 73 million members - the biggest political party in the world.  The Communist Party is in control of everything: what people watch on TV, where they go to school and how many children they can have. The party is mostly made up of people from higher classes: officers, government workers and businessmen.

Many Chinese citizens want to get into the Communist party because it leads them to a better life. They can get better jobs and their children can go to better schools. They often get into contact with high party officials who can influence their career and jobs


In order to join the party you need the support of your local party branch. They recommend and train you. In most cases you are observed for a year before you can become a real member.

The Communist Party of China has a pyramid structure. The highest organ is the National Party Congress. 2000 delegates from all over China meet every  5 years. Its task is to elect a central committee of about 400 members, which, in turn, elects the Politburo , a small group of politicians who have the real power and make the decisions.



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  • citizen = a person who lives in a country and has rights there
  • delegate = someone who has been chosen to talk or make decisions for a group
  • elect =to vote for someone
  • influence = change; affect the way something works or someone behaves
  • in turn = as a result
  • local = in the area that you live
  • officer = someone who is in a high position in the army
  • official = someone who is in a high position in an organization
  • recommend = suggest
  • support = help