Titanic II Set to Sail in 2018


The Titanic II will have the same overall structure of the original shipincluding the famous grand staircase, a Turkish bath and an Edwardian gym. Like the first ship it will have three classes of passengers. 840 cabins can accommodate 2400 passengers and 900 crew members.

HoweverTitanic II will be much more modern  than its predecessor.  The ship will have a high-tech bridge with digital navigation and radar, as well as life boats for all.

Not everyone is happy about the reconstruction the Titanic. Relatives of Titanic victims have criticized that it is insensitive to rebuild such a doomed ship.



The Titanic II is being built by a Chinese shipyard. Up to now, two years before its official launch, there have been thousands of requests for cabins on its maiden voyage from China to Dubaiincluding a $1 million offer by a businessman. The new ocean liner, which was supposed to sail this year, is expected to cost between $500 and $600 million.



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  • accommodate = to have room for
  • billionaire = a person who has thousands of millions of dollars
  • bridge = part of a ship where the captain and officers stand and control where it is going
  • century = a hundred years
  • doomed = to make something that is certain to fail or be destroyed
  • Edwardian = from the period when Edward VII was king of England - from 1901 to 1910
  • grand = large and impressive
  • gym = large room where you can exercise and keep fit
  • high-tech = using the most modern machines
  • however = but
  • insensitive = not to care about how people feel
  • icy = very very cold
  • including = also
  • is expected  to = will probably
  • launch = start , the first trip
  • maiden voyage = a ship's first trip
  • ocean liner = a large ship that carries passengers across the seas
  • offer = willing to give
  • official = here: first
  • overall = general
  • predecessor = here: the original ship
  • radar = system that uses radio waves to find something that cannot be seen
  • reconstruction = building something again
  • request = here: to ask for a cabin on the new ship
  • sail = travel on the ocean
  • scheduled = planned
  • shipyard = place where you build an repair ships
  • slightly = only a little bit
  • staircase =stairs with posts and rails that are fixed on the sides
  • structure = the way in which it is built
  • victims = here: the people who died in the Titanic disaster