Japan Set For Invisible Trains By 2018


A Japanese architect has designed a train that is not only fast but blends into the landscape so well, that onlookers find it hard to see. Such invisible trains are expected to be introduced to the Tokyo area in 2018.

Kazuyo Sejima, the Japanese architect who has designed the new high-speed train,  is known for creating glass buildings that blend into their environment. This is the first time, however, that she has designed something that is actually moving.

The invisible trains will be made out of reflective material that has been used on other objects in the past, for example, the Louvre-Lens museum in France.

Seijima has created the train for Seibu railway company's 100th anniversary. The company, famous for their colourful high-speed bullet trains,  already operate 180 km of railway lines around Tokyo. The new invisible trains will be travelling on a limited number of routes in Japan.



Not only the outside of the trains will be new. Seijima has created the interior with bigger windows and more seat space. According to the train company, passengers will have the experience of a train ride in a moving living room.



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  • according to = as said by ...
  • anniversary = birthday
  • blend = to mix together
  • design = plan and create
  • experience = feeling
  • however = but
  • interior = the inside
  • introduce = here: to start travelling
  • invisible = something that you cannot see
  • landscape = countryside
  • limited = only a certain number
  • onlookers = people who stand nearby and see the train
  • operate = here: trains that travel
  • passenger = here: person who travels in a train
  • reflective = something that sends back most of the light that shines on it
  • seat = where a person sits