World's Largest Offshore Windfarm


The largest offshore windfarm in the world will be built about 20 km off the Scottish coastAccording to the Norwegian energy company Statoil, which will operate the the windfarm, turbines will generate about 30 megawatts of electricity through wind power by the end of 2017.

While wind turbines on land stand on massive concrete and steel foundations, building them in the open sea is quite a challenge. Existing wind turbines  in the ocean have all been anchored to the ocean floor, which can only be done in shallow water. Statoil's new turbines will be fixed to a steel tube that floats in the water. With this new technology it will be possible to make use of wind power in deeper waters.

Offshore windfarms are spread out over much of northern Europe, especially in the shallow waters of the North and Baltic Seas,  but China and Japan have also built wind turbines off their coasts. Currently, offshore wind energy makes up only about 3% of the total wind power that is produced on earth.



The first offshore windfarm was built off the Norwegian coast in 2009. The open sea offers a lot of potential for energy because winds are strongest there.



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  • according to = as said by ...
  • anchor = fix to something so that it does not move away
  • challenge = difficult thing to do
  • coast = where land meets the sea
  • concrete = hard building material made out of cement, sand , stones and water
  • currently = right now, at the  moment
  • electricity = form of energy that is in cables and wires; it gives us light and heat and runs many machines
  • especially = above all
  • fix = connect to
  • float = here: it moves around freely in water
  • foundation = structure below the ground that helps keep a building standing straight
  • generate = produce
  • make use of = use
  • massive = great, large
  • megawatt = a million watts of energy
  • Norwegian = from Norway
  • offshore = away from the coast, in the sea
  • operate = run, manage
  • potential = the possibility of doing something that works well
  • shallow = not deep
  • spread out = here: found in different areas
  • technology = method, way of doing something
  • tube = long round object
  • turbine = an object where gas, water, wind etc.. turns around special blades to produce electricity
  • windfarm = a system of turbines that produce electricity through wind power