Google's Future is Chrome


The world’s number one  search engine , Google, has  developed  a new  operating system  called Chrome. It automatically connects the user to the internet where people write their letters, emails, post their photos and do many other things they would normally do on a  desktop OS .

The  development  of Chrome started in 2008 when Google built its own  browser , also called Chrome. Today 12% of net  community  uses it regularly.

Google thinks that the operating systems of today, Windows, Apple’s MacOS and Linux are old fashioned   and do not meet the  needs  of the people.  Computer users of today we spend most of their time on the net and not with a  desktop application .


Google’s  vision  of the next generation computer goes even  further . It wants to put its Chrome OS on laptops and  netbooks , so that the user just pushes a button and automatically gets  connected . Chrome’s main  aim  is  speed . It wants to make the computer fast. The first tests on netbooks showed that you could get  connected  to the internet within seven seconds from  startup . Chrome OS  skips  everything from starting up the PC to getting connected.


Google Chrome OS

Screenshot of Google OS


Google also wants to make a computer cheaper. People who buy computers today often have to buy the operating system,  anti-virus software  and office programs before they can really work with it. This kind of software often costs hundreds of dollars. With these applications   on the web you wouldn’t need to buy such expensive programs.

Chrome is not the first operating system that comes from the search engine. Android is already successful on  tablet PCs  and  smartphones .

Windows is still the most  successful  operating system. Windows 7 has become very popular   after the  failure  of its  predecessor  Vista. But this may change. By 2012 laptop and major netbook  manufacturers  are expected to  offer  machines with Chrome OS preinstalled .

Not everyone will use Google OS .  Gamers  will  avoid  it because need better  hardware and those that use  high-tech  software will also  stick  to normal PCs.  But for many normal users, pressing the button and getting connected to your Facebook  account  may soon become  reality .



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  • account   = name and password that a person has in order to use a special program on the internet
  • aim   = plan, what someone wants
  • anti-virus software   = program that protects your computer from computer viruses
  • application   = program
  • avoid   = keep away from
  • browser   = a program that finds information on the internet and shows it on a computer screen
  • community   = internet users
  • connect   = link
  • desktop OS   = an operating system that works on a PC without an internet  connection
  • develop   = build
  • development   = growth
  • failure   = not a success, flop
  • further   = more, extra
  • gamer   = a person who spends most of their time playing computer games
  • hardware   = physical part of the computer
  • high –tech   = most modern
  • manufacture   = make, produce
  • needs   = wishes
  • netbook   = small laptop computer
  • offer   = present, sell
  • old-fashioned   = not modern any more
  • operating system   = a system in a computer that helps all the programs work together
  • popular   = well-liked
  • predecessor   = here: the operating system before Windows 7
  • preinstall   = it is already installed when you buy it
  • reality   = it can really happen
  • search engine   = a computer program that helps you find information on the Internet
  • skip   = leave out
  • smartphone = a mobile phone that works like a small computer
  • speed   = tempo, how fast something is
  • startup   = when you start your computer
  • stick   = stay with
  • successful   = liked by many people
  • tablet PC   = small PC with a touch screen
  • vision   = dream, idea