Facebook Introduces Chatbots to Messenger


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced that so-called chatbots would soon appear in the company's Messenger app.

Chatbots are small software programs based on artificial intelligence and can communicate with people. They will change the way we receive information. A chatbot, for example, can talk to a customer, order items or listen to complaints. It can answer questions, solve complicated problems or make appointments. It's like talking to a robot. As time goes on chatbots will be able to learn, based on the experience they have .

Facebook's Messenger is an extremely popular piece of communication software, used by 900 million people around the world. With its announcement users will be able to develop their own chatbots and use them in Messenger. People can then send a message to a bot which will know what to do depending on the situation.

While internet experts say that chatbots can be a big advantage, there are those who see risks. There is no way we can monitor every action that chatbots carry out. Others think that such bots may encourage you to do things that you really wouldn't want to do, like open a new website or install new apps.



However, bots are still in a developing stage. As time goes on their performance will improve and, in time ,  they will become your personal assistant that can help you in any situation.



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  • advantage = the good side of something
  • announce = to say officially
  • appear = here: introduce
  • appointment = formal arrangement to meet someone or visit a place at a certain time
  • artificial intelligence = the study of how to make machines do intelligent things that people can do like think and make decisions
  • assistant = helper
  • based on = when you use facts or ideas to create something
  • communicate = talk to
  • complaint = not being satisfied with something
  • complicated = difficult
  • customer = person who buys things
  • depending on = based on
  • develop = create, make
  • developing stage = at the beginning
  • encourage = try to make you do something
  • experience = here: what they have learned as time goes on
  • founder = the person who created something
  • however = but
  • improve = get better
  • install = to put a program onto your computer or smartphone
  • in time = as time goes on
  • monitor = watch, observe
  • performance = the way in which something works or does a job
  • popular = liked by many people
  • receive = get