The digital camera and how it changed photography


The world’s first digital camera was a big box that had cassette attached to it. It was built in 1975 by Steven Sasson, an engineer who worked for Eastman Kodak.

Today, about 2.5 billion people have digital cameras. Even though the standalone digital camera has changed the way we take pictures, the invention of the camera phone was even more revolutionary.

In the past years, almost everything that happened on earth, from uprisings during the Arab spring to the royal wedding of William and Kate, has been captured on a camera phone.

By 2005, compact digital cameras were very popular but the arrival of a phone-camera combination brought digital photography to the masses because everyone owned a mobile phone. Today, many of them have a standard resolution of 8 megapixels, more than adequate to make prefect photos.

The changes that digital photography has brought along are immense. Professional photographers used to take photos only if they were sure it was a good shot. Amateur photographers did not want to waste one shot on a roll of film. Photography was an expensive hobby. Today, however, people take masses of images, because storing them on digital memory cards costs next to nothing. And taking 100 pictures of an event instead of 10 raises you chances of getting a really good shot and a better photo.

People have their camera with them all the time. Taking snapshots at concerts, dinners and sporting events has become very popular. Youngsters record videos of a birthday party and upload them to Youtube or Facebook minutes later. More and more of us store photos on sharing websites like Flickr , Google, Webshots and others .


Taking good pictures has also become easier because cameras adjust settings for you automatically. You just focus on your image and press the trigger.

Printing pictures has also changed. You can either print out your own pictures on your color printer or you can upload your digital images to a printing studio or even create a photo book that is delivered to your home within days.


A modern digital camera

A modern digital camera - photo taken by Morio


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  • adequate = enough
  • adjust = change, correct
  • amateur = to do something as a hobby
  • arrival = when something new comes
  • attach = connect
  • billion = a thousand million
  • camera phone = mobile phone that has a built-in camera
  • capture = save
  • compact = very small
  • create = make
  • deliver = send, bring
  • engineer = here: a person who has a technical job and develops new things
  • even though = while
  • focus = to make sure the person you want to take a photo of is in the middle of the picture
  • however = but
  • image = picture
  • immense = great
  • invention = creation, design
  • masses = many people; the majority of the population
  • megapixel = a million pixels; used for measuring the quality and sharpness of digital cameras
  • memory card = small chip used to save information
  • own = have
  • popular = well-liked, trendy
  • printing studio = laboratory, where your photos are printed in a using special chemicals
  • professional = to do something as a job; to earn money from it
  • raise = to go up
  • record = here: to save on a digital memory card
  • resolution = it measures how clear a picture is
  • revolutionary = new; something that has never been done
  • royal = relating to kings and queens
  • setting = here: the right set-up
  • share = to use together
  • shot = picture
  • snapshot = a photo that is taken very quickly, without preparation
  • standalone = separate; not with other functions
  • standard = regular, normal
  • store = save
  • trigger = the button that takes the photo
  • upload = to save on a different computer, mostly far away
  • uprising = rebellion, revolt
  • waste = not to make full use of something