China Build's World's Fastest Computer


Scientists in China have built the world’s fastest computer. The Tianhe-1A can perform over 2.5 thousand trillion operations a second.  With this new computer China has overtaken America in this section of technology. The Chinese supercomputer is 30% faster than the fastest American computer.

The Tianhe-1A has over 7,000 graphic processors and 14,000 Intel chips. The processors weigh over 150 tons. The computer can store information equal to about a hundred million books.



The new computer will be used for biomedical research, processing satellite data, weather forecasts, development of new materials and theoretical calculations in science.

The Chinese have even more plans in computing technology. In the future American Intel chips are to be replaced by Chinese home-made ones.

The race for the world’s fastest computer is a prestigious one. Before America got the title Japan had the world’s fastest computer. Seven of the world’s top computers are in the USA, two are in China and one is in Germany.



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  • biomedical = science that deals with health
  • development = to make something new
  • forecast = predict, foretell
  • graphic processor = the part of a computer that carry out graphic commands
  • Intel = American company that produces computer chip
  • operation = job, task
  • overtake = to be better than
  • perform = do, carry out
  • prestigious = important; with a high-status
  • process = to work out information
  • replace = to use instead of
  • research = if you study a subject in order to find out new facts
  • scientist = a person who is trained in science or works in a laboratory
  • store = save
  • weigh = how heavy something is