New England Patriots Beat L.A. Rams For Sixth Super Bowl Win


The New England Patriots have won the Super Bowl in Atlanta for the sixth time, beating the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 in the lowest-scoring game of the Super Bowl's 53-year history. The Patriots have equaled Pittsburgh's six trophies.

42-year old New England quarterback Tom Brady won the Super Bowl for the sixth time and Bill Belichick has became the most successful coach in the history of American football.

Both teams brought up excellent defense lines , making it extremely difficult to score. The Patriots entered halftime with a mere 3-0 lead through a field goal. In the third quarter the Rams scored their first points of the game, also via field goal.



The decisive moments came in the 4th quarter when Brady threw a couple of superb passes to Rob Gronkowski to set up the only touchdown of the game with only 7 minutes left on the clock.

Julian Edelmann (New England) was named the most valuable player after making 10 catches for a total of 141 yards.





  • decisive = here: most important parts of the game
  • defense line = the players whose job it is to prevent the other team from scoring points
  • equal = to be as good as another team
  • field goal = kicking the ball over the goalpost in American football
  • lowest-scoring = with the fewest points
  • most valuable player = the best player of the game, usually named by journalists
  • quarterback = player in football who directs the game, passes the ball and throws passes to other teammates
  • score = make points
  • set up = prepare for
  • superb = excellent , very good
  • touchdown = when you move the ball across the other team's goal line
  • trophy = large object, such as a cup or plate, that you get after winning a game
  • via = through, by way of