Golden Future For London Olympic Park


The city of London will be hosting  the 2012 Olympic Summer games. A new neighborhood with many new attractions and structures will be built in and around the Olympic Park in eastern London.

The company in charge of planning the future of the Olympic Park says it will build over 10,000 new homes and supply thousands of new jobs in the next two decades .


The new part of the town will have town houses, flats and a few high-rise  homes. The flats in which the athletes live during the Olympic Games will be turned into apartments afterwards . The company wants to make them cheaper than in most parts of the city.

New schools, kindergartens and sport facilities will make eastern London one of the most attractive parts of the city. The neighbourhood will  include  parks and other green areas.

The London Olympic Park is split up in two regions with waterways between them. The northern part of the park is the outdoor area, with a BMX park, a velodrome  and other structures . The South Park will be more of a cultural area with cafes and panoramic buildings which visitors can climb and get a great  view of London.



Jobs are necessary for the development  of the eastern London area.  The company hopes that new jobs can be created in culture, media  and transportation. New firms  may also move to the park as it continues to grow. There are even plans to turn eastern London into a second  Silicon Valley .  As more and more residents  move into the area new shopping malls  will follow.



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  • afterwards  = later on, after the games
  • attraction  = a place that is very popular
  • decade  = a period of ten years
  • development  = growth, expansion
  • facility  = building, room or area that has a certain purpose
  • firm  = company
  • high-rise  = very tall building with many floors
  • host  = the place where an event is held
  • in charge of  = in control of
  • include  = also have
  • media  = newspapers, television and other ways of informing people
  • panoramic  = impressive view of a wide area of land
  • resident  = a person who lives in a place
  • shopping mall  = large area with many shops, theatres, cinemas etc...
  • split up  = separate
  • structure  = building
  • supply  = offer, create
  • velodrome  = a  track that is in the shape of a circle and used for cycling events
  • view  = sight , what you can see