Earth’s Core Hotter Than Thought


Scientists have found out that the core of the Earth is hotter than at first thought. While earlier calculations put the core’s temperature at about 5,000° C scientists are now sure that the core is as hot as the sun’s surface , about 6,000 ° C. (10 800 ° F)

The solid inner core of our planet is made up of crystalline iron, surrounded by a hot liquid outer core. There has been a long debate on how hot the inner part of the earth really is. Now, a set of experiments have been carried out with new technology. Lasers were used to increase the temperature in an iron sample. Then scientists used x-rays to see how iron forms and melts when pressure is applied.

The difference in temperature between the mantle and the core is the reason why the earth spins and why a magnetic field forms. Scientists need to know what temperatures the earth’s layers have in order to find out more about earthquakes and magnetic fields. Waves that spread out after an earthquake can give scientists information on how dense and thick the layers of the earth are but not their temperature.    


Layers of the earth

Layers of the Earth


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  • apply = to put on
  • calculation = here: to measure
  • core = center, the innermost part
  • crystalline = made out of clear crystals
  • debate = discussion
  • dense = thick
  • increase = raise, go up
  • layer = levels of rock
  • liquid = fluid, watery
  • mantle = part of the earth around the core
  • pressure = force , strength
  • sample = small amount of
  • scientist = person who is trained in science and works in a laboratory
  • spin = rotate
  • spread = move in all directions
  • surface = the outer part of an object
  • surrounded = around
  • technology = method, knowhow