Tatoos Are Becoming More Popular


More and  more people around the world  are getting tattoos.In the United States tattoos are  extremely popular among people aged 25 to 40. A third of all Americans between 18 and 25 have a tattoo. In Britain a fifth of all adults are tattooed. Tattooing has become a major industry as well. Today, there are more than 50,000 professional tattoo artists in the US alone.

Even celebrities and athletes  , ranging from Angelina Jolie to David Beckham have some kind of tattoo on their bodies.

According to researchers many people tattoo themselves as a sign of individuality. They want to express themselves and show others who they are. Other forms of body art are also on the rise.

Today, tattoos are widely accepted in society. That hasn't always been the case.  In former times taboos were associated with criminals , lower class people or certain groups like sailors and motorcycle gangs.While tattooing was once a male characteristic, more and more women are now getting tattoos.

The cost of tattooing yourself depends on various factors - how large the tattoo or  how complex the design is. It ranges from a hundred to  over a thousand dollars.

Tattooing goes way back in history. In many parts of the world, old civilisations used tattoos for decoration and as religious symbols. The ancient Romans tattooed their slaves. Native Americans tattooed themselves as a sign of bravery. In Nazi Germany  Jews were stamped with a number to identify them.



Not only has tattooing itself become a big industry, removing them is also on the increase. Many people just don't realize that a tattoo is permanent, and at some time in their lives they may want to get rid of it.






  • accept = tolerate
  • according to = as said by ...
  • ancient = old
  • associate = connect , link to
  • athlete = sportsman or sportswoman
  • artist = a person who can draw or paint
  • body art = painting or drawing on a person's skin
  • bravery = the act of doing something in a dangerous situation
  • celebrity = a famous person who is often in the media
  • characteristic = feature; something that is typical of someone
  • civilisation = society of the past
  • complex = complicated, difficult to paint or draw
  • decoration = making something prettier and more attractive
  • depends on = affected by certain things
  • former times = in the past
  • extremely = very much
  • identify = to know who a person is
  • increase = rise, go up
  • individuality = the things that make a person different from others
  • male = about a man
  • permanent = it lasts forever
  • popular = liked by many people
  • range = go from .... to ....
  • remove = make something go away; get rid of
  • researcher = a person who studies a topic in order to find out more about it
  • rise = go up, increase
  • sailor = someone who works on a ship
  • slave = someone who is owned by another person and works for them for little  no money at all
  • society = people in general
  • sign = symbol
  • stamp = mark
  • various = different
  • widely = very much