Mother Teresa To Become A Saint


Mother Teresa will be declared saint by the Vatican next September. She was beatified in 2003 after Pope John Paul II announced that she had performed a miracle. Pope Francis has now approved a second miracle , which is needed for canonization.

To become a saint in the Roman Catholic church a candidate needs to  have lived a holy life and produced two  miracles. The first miracle  was a tumour that Mother Teresa healed. In the second miracle ,which took place in 2008  , she healed a Brazilian man  who suffered from a deadly brain disease. Shortly before being operated on the tumours disappeared. The doctors were not able to explain how the man recovered. The man's wife claimed that she was constantly praying  to Mother Teresa. Today the Brazilian is in good health and even has a job .

Mother Teresa  was born as an ethnic Albanian in Macedonia in 1910. As a nun she went on a trip to India after World War II. There she founded the Missionaries of Charity order. Today, it runs hundreds of schools, homeless shelters and other services around the world. The order employs over 4,000 nuns.

In 1979 Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her missionary work , mainly in the slums of  Kolkata, India, where she cared for India's poorest people. She died in 1997.



Pope Francis was an admirer of the missionary nun, whom he met  in 1994 when he was still a bishop.



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  • admire =to respect and like someone because you think they have done good things
  • approve = accept
  • award = give a prize to
  • beatify = if the Pope says that someone is holy  or a special person
  • bishop = priest who is the head of all priests in a large area
  • brain disease = illness that affects the inner part of your head
  • canonization = to officially say that a dead person is a saint
  • claim = to say that something is true
  • disappear = go away
  • declare = here: to officially make
  • employ = give work to
  • ethnic = belonging to a certain race, religion or nationality
  • found - founded = start, create
  • heal = cure, make healthy again
  • holy = very religious ; connected with God
  • homeless shelter = place where people can go to if they have nowhere to live
  • in good health = healthy
  • miracle = an event that we think is impossible and that only God can create
  • missionary = to teach people about Christianity in a foreign country
  • nun = someone who is member of a religious group of women who live together
  • perform= do, carry out
  • recover = to become well again
  • run = operate
  • saint = a title given by the Christian church to someone who has been very good or holy
  • slum = poor part of a city with bad houses
  • suffer from = to feel pain
  • tumour = bad cells in your body that grow and cause an illness