Angela Merkel - TIME's Person of the Year


German chancellor Angela Merkel has been named Person of the Year by TIME Magazine. She won the award against other competitorsincluding ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Russian president Vladimir Putin and Caitlyn Jenner, an Olympic champion who changed her gender and became a woman.

TIME magazine gave the award to Merkel because of the way she dealt with European and world problems. Merkel offered the Greek government a way out of its debt crisis and saved the euro. She welcomed over a million Syrian refugees on their route to Europe and dealt with Vladimir Putin decisively during the Ukraine crisis. . The magazine says that Merkel is the real leader of the European Union .

TIME Magazine  awards the title each year to people or organizations that have changed the world for good or bad . Angela Merkel is the fourth single woman to be named Person of the Year. The 61-year old Merkel comes from Communist East Germany, She became a conservative parliament member  after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Merkel became the country's leader in 2005 and is currently in her third term in office. In the past years she has had high approval rates among most Germans.


But not everyone likes Merkel. Some are angry at her for letting hundreds of thousands of immigrants into Germany, others say that she  made too many promises to Greece when the euro zone was in danger.



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  • approval rate = the number of people who think that you are doing a good job
  • award = prize
  • champion = person who has won a sport event among the best in the country or the world
  • chancellor = leader of the government in Germany
  • competitor = here: person or organization that has also bin nominated for the prize
  • currently = at the moment
  • deal with = handle a problem or crisis
  • debt = the money that you have to give back to others who have lent it to you
  • decisively = here: a clear way of doing something
  • Euro-zone = group of European countries that use the euro as their money
  • fall = break down
  • gender = being a man or a woman
  • government = people who rule a country
  • immigrant = person who goes to another country to live and work there
  • including = also
  • in office = as Chancellor
  • ISIS= short word for "Islamic State"
  • promise = to say that you will do something
  • offer = promise to give something
  • refugee = person who leaves their home country because of a war or another dangerous event
  • term = time in which you do a special job
  • welcome = to be friendly when people come to your country