New Social Robot Introduced In Singapore


A new social robot has been introduced to the public at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The robot, called Nadine, was constructed by a research team at the university.

Nadine has brown hair and a human-like skin. She can talk and act like a human and she even has her own personality.  The social robot can show emotions, like anger and sadness and change into different moodsdepending on the topics she is talking about.

Nadine is the most advanced and human-like robot so far. She has a built-in software that is similar to Apple's Siri, which works on the iPhone.

The new social robot has capabilities that have never been implemented in robots so far. Nadine can not only remember people she had met before. She can also recall things that she said at earlier conversations

Up to now, robots have been used in manufacturing and logisticsHowever, more and more robots are being equipped with social functions.This could be important as our population becomes older.

Working robots could be the solution to a decreasing workforce. On the other hand , such social robots could care for children or older people. They could play and talk with them or keep them company. In the future, they could even work in health care jobs.



Currently, Nadine has a job as a receptionist at the university, where she answers questions asked by students and other visitors.



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  • advanced = very modern
  • built-in = forming a part of something that cannot be separated from it
  • capability = being able to do something
  • construct = build
  • currently = at the moment
  • decreasing = if something becomes lower or less
  • depending on = affected by a certain situation
  • equip = here: to put functions into a robot that it needs to do special things
  • health care = the service that looks after the health of people in a country
  • however = but
  • human = person
  • implement = here: to be used by ...
  • introduce = show to the public
  • keep someone company = here: to be together with other people
  • logistics = here: the plan that you must follow  so that you can make something work
  • manufacturing = produce goods in a factory
  • mood = the way you feel at a certain time
  • personality = character, the way you behave
  • public = people in general
  • recall = remember
  • receptionist = someone whose job it is to welcome people when they enter a hotel, office building etc.
  • research = to study something in order to find out new facts about it
  • similar = like
  • social = about people and their private lives
  • solution = way of solving a problem
  • workforce = all the people who are at work in a country