Cuban Doctors Need Permission to Leave The Country


Cuban doctors now need permission if they want to leave the country. Cuba blames the United States for luring doctors and other medical staff out of the country. The announcement by the government has led to anger and protest among doctors, nurses and hospital staff.

The new law puts a ban on all those who work in the health profession, about 10% of the country's work force . It is in contrast to the decision by Cuban President Raul Castro to open up Cuba's economy to the west. In 2013 new travel laws made it easier for its citizens to travel  to other countries. Since then thousands of Cubans have left the country, many of them to the United States.

In the last few years , more and more Cuban doctors and nurses have been leaving the country to work abroad because of low wages and bad working conditions.Cuba's well-trained doctors have a good reputation and have no problems getting jobs elsewhere.On the other side, Cuba earns money by sending health workers abroad, especially on humanitarian missions.

Because so many health professionals have left the island, Cuban hospitals do not have enough staff to provide health care for their population.



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  • abroad = in another country
  • anger = being angry
  • announcement = when you say something on TV or to newspapers
  • ban = to forbid something; not allow
  • blame = to say that something is someone's fault
  • citizen = person who lives in a country and has rights there
  • economy = system by which a country's goods and money are produced and used
  • elsewhere = here: in another country
  • especially = above all
  • health care = service that looks after all the people in a country
  • health profession = health worker (doctor, nurse etc...)
  • humanitarian = to improve the living conditions of poor people, for example when you give them food or clothes
  • in contrast = different to something else
  • laws = rules that a country has
  • lure = here:try to get someone to leave the country and promise them certain things when they do
  • permission = to be allowed to do something
  • provide  = offer, give
  • reputation = what people think about others, because of what they did in the past
  • staff = all the people who work in a hospital, school etc..
  • wages = money you get for the work you do
  • work force = all the people who work in a country